Waste Pipe 1000 mm (2 pc) BWP0102

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Size: 800mm
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Exceeding Standards in Durability and Adaptability

Crafted from robust materials, the Buildskill waste pipe is engineered for lasting performance. Spanning 1000 mm in length, it's adept at handling the daily demands of your household. The flexible design ensures easy maneuvering in confined spaces without compromising on the flow. This reliable drain pipe showcases an interior that resists clogs and promotes consistent drainage efficiency, making it a requisite for any modern home.
Streamlined Installation, Effortlesss Maintenance
The Buildskill waste pipe simplifies the installation process with its flexible pipe for the kitchen sink and wash basin alike. Designed to conform to the size of standard drain openings, this plumbing essential is equipped with threaded ends for a seamless connection with standard fittings. Its seamless interior not only enhances flow but also defends against the build-up, making cleaning a breeze. The plastic pipe's resilience against household chemicals further ensures its pristine condition over time.
Precision-Fit for Optimal Drainage
Ensure a harmonious fit in your home's plumbing system with the Buildskill sink pipe extension. Compatible with both the kitchen sink pipe drain and the wash basin pipe drain hose, this flexible pipe embodies versatility and reliability. Its construction deflectors deter blockages, safeguarding against potential leaks and overflows. Ideal for renovations or new installations, this kitchen pipe is the epitome of functional elegance in any residential infrastructure.
-Durable, flexible material
-1000 mm, fits basin drains
-Easy installation, threaded ends
-Smooth interior, clog-resistant
-Chemical-resistant, easy maintenance

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Excellent product purchase kar sakthe hai bhut use full hai wast of money nahi hai..

Good quality

achi quality ka product hai, ise install karna bhut aasan hai

Sturdy and durable

Durable waste pipe, built to withstand corrosion and ensure uninterrupted flow, a must-have for efficient waste management

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