1. All power/cordless buildskill products carry a 6 month brand warranty for manufacturing defects, unless otherwise stated. There is no warranty on spare parts.

2. In case of any issues or warranty claim, the customer needs to contact our customer service via whatsapp or email.

3. After our customer service authorises the defect, the further instructions are communicated to the customer.

4. All defective products are required to be shipped to our service center. The forward shipping fees is to be paid by the customer, whereas we will ship the repaired product free of cost to the customer.

5. In case the product is self repaired or the screws have been opened by the customer, the product becomes ineligible for warranty.

6. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the product reaches our service center.

7. The defective product will be replaced or repaired, as per company's discretion.

8. Abusive Use : There will be a breach of warranty if product is used in an inappropriate manner (abusive use). Buildskill will provide repair of the product only 2 (two) times. After the usage of two times of repair, the customer needs to pay for the parts and will be classified as abusive use.