It all started a few years ago, back in 2015, as a business inspired by the desire to provide high quality tools at affordable prices for everyone.

Madhur Jain, our founder, had been working in this industry since 2009. His experience led him to realize that there were no brands offering high value DIY products for the consumer market in India. The only low quality brands available always had issues with quality assurance, and offered limited warranty, or none at all. That’s when he decided to step up, and create his own brand backed by his wide experience in this industry: Buildskill.

Buildskill is a customer centric brand, based around quality, value and convenience. We bring high performance tools for the consumer, at affordable prices, and with a solid 6 months warranty.

Our passion and drive is what got this business started, and that’s how Buildskill was born, out of a strong desire to provide people like you with a brand they can trust when they look for highly functional and reliable products, as well as outstanding customer service, in times when these things are not easy to come by.

We aim to echo our values to our valued customers by delivering products that embrace quality through durability, reliability, performance, and functionality. Bringing more ease into your life is what keeps us going, and we feel very passionate about it. We work relentlessly to make you satisfied, and to develop a long-lasting relationship with you as a customer.