S.Auto Outlet 3.0M Grey BSAWMOT03MGY

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Size: 5M
Style (Color): WHITE
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Reliable Connections for Your Laundry Essentials

With Buildskill's washing machine hose pipe, you're assured of a leak-resistant connection that keeps your laundry day running smoothly. Tailored to fit washers ranging from 5kg to 8kg, our hose ensures a reliable water supply that matches the demands of your machine's performance. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a secure and continuous water flow.
Expand Your Machine's Reach with Ease
Thinking of rearranging your laundry space but worried about the water supply? Extend your setup with Buildskill's versatile washing machine hose. Our anti-slip hook design and robust build quality allow for swift attachment to your existing pipe, increasing length without compromising strength or elasticity. It's the quick fix that brings adaptability to your laundry routine.
Effortlessness in Every Install
A hassle-free laundry setup is within reach thanks to the Buildskill washing machine water tap connector. This easy-to-install pipe for a washing machine is built to endure everyday use. The high elasticity and durability ensure your laundry room is equipped with a steadfast solution. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to a seamless hookup with Buildskill's washing pipe.
-Versatile Compatibility: 5-8 kg sizes
-Leak-Resistant Design
-Robust, High-Elastic Materials
-Easy-to-Install with Anti-Slip Hook
-Extendable Outlet Pipe Connection

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Value for Money

For the price, this drain pipe offers exceptional quality and performance.

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