Measuring Tape 3M (5 pc) BMT0503

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Crafted for Clarity and Ease Experience accuracy at its finest with the Buildskill Measuring Tape 3M, boasting a 16mm width that ensures high visibility of markings. This indispensable tool allows for meticulous precision, whether sketching out a new project or confirming dimensions. The autolock feature holds your measurement securely, providing efficiency and reliability. Enduring and Ready for Action The Buildskill Measuring Tape is not just a tool; it's a robust companion for any task that requires measuring tools. Made in India, it’s engineered for rugged longevity, capable of withstanding the rigors of any worksite. Attached to your belt via the sturdy clip, this lightweight measuring tape is always at hand for those crucial measuring tasks. Measurements at a Moment's Notice Measurement meets user-friendly design with this measuring tape 3M and beyond. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Buildskill Measuring Tape 3M offers automatic retraction, ensuring quick and convenient usage. Transform the way you measure, and embrace the lightweight build that promises to never weigh down your productivity. -3M Length, 16mm Width -Autolock & Automatic Retraction -Reliable Precision, Clear Markings -Sturdy Belt Clip, Lightweight Build -Rugged Longevity, Made in India

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