F.Auto Inlet 1.5M + Adaptor BAWMIN15M01

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Size: 1.5M
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Unmatched Durability Meets Convenience

Crafted from premium quality PVC, the Buildskill washing machine hose promises endurance that complements your daily laundry routine. With its textile-braided interior, say goodbye to frustrating kinks and leaks. It's not just a whirlpool washing machine pipe; it's a lasting ally for any brand, safeguarding against water mishaps and ensuring a smooth operational flow for clean clothes.
Effortlessness in Every Connection
Installing your washing machine water tap connection has never been simpler. The Buildskill washing machine hose comes with an easy-to-attach ABS connector that promises a secure fit and leak-free experience. Whether you're setting up a pipe for a washing machine for the first time or replacing an old one, enjoy a stress-free installation process that lets you get back to your daily tasks without any plumbing puzzles.
Adaptability for Every Home
Why settle for less when you can have a washing pipe that's designed to fit universally? The Buildskill hose is tailored to accommodate a broad range of washing machine capacities from 5kg up to 10kg, providing a snug fit for almost any model out there. Perfect not just as a washing machine connector but as a flexible partner that adjusts to your home's needs, ensuring a secure and watertight connection every time you do your laundry.
-High-Quality PVC Material
-Textiles Braided, No Leaks
-Universal Faucet Compatibility
-Easy installation, ABS adapter
-Flexible, Long-Lasting 1.5M Hose

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality and very durable.

This inlet pipe fit perfectly with my washing machine. Installation was straightforward, and the pipe feels robust and well-made. I appreciate the solid connections that prevent leaks. Highly recommend

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