34MM Rotory Hammer Drill BGBH134RE

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Precision Meets Power Harness robust 1200W of performance in your hands with the Buildskill Rotary Hammer Drill 34MM, the epitome of heavy-duty drill machines. Whether you're boring through concrete, cleaving masonry, slicing metal or finessing wood, its 3-mode functionality adapts seamlessly. The variable speed trigger and bi-directional switch amplify your control, while the SDS Plus system ensures efficient power transfer for precise, impactful results. Revolutionize Your Toolbox Step up your toolkit with the Buildskill Rotary Hammer Drill 34MM, a marvel among heavy-duty drill machines. The reverse forward feature, coupled with a continuous button and lock-on option, provides uninterrupted operation. Included bits and chisels ensure you have the right tool for every job. Everything packs away neatly into the included case, making this powerhouse as portable as it is versatile. Innovative Ergonomic Design Experience the ultimate in drilling convenience with the Buildskill Rotary Hammer Drill 34MM. Its ergonomic design boasts a variable speed trigger for supreme comfort and impeccable precision. A workhorse for rigorous tasks, this heavy-duty drill machine performs in drill, hammer, and hammer drill modes to tackle the toughest jobs effortlessly. Safety and efficiency coalesce with the continuous button, ensuring prolonged engagement for substantial projects. -1200W High-Performance Motor -SDS Plus with 3-Mode Operation -Variable Speed & Bi-Directional Switch -Continuous Use Lock-On Button -Includes Bits, Chisels & Case

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Value proposition

We have used it for almost two weeks now. It is giving desired performance

Manish Srivastav
शक्तिशाली और कुशल

यह रोटरी हैमर ड्रिल बहुत शक्तिशाली और कुशल है। कठिन सतहों पर ड्रिल करना इससे बहुत आसान हो गया है।

मजबूत और आरामदायक

इस ड्रिल का उपयोग करते समय मुझे बहुत कम कंपन महसूस हुआ। इसकी पकड़ मजबूत और आरामदायक है।

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