Buildskill SD Set B803 - 9 Pcs - Red

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Discover Unmatched Versatility Whether you're tightening a small screw on your glasses or taking on a bigger project with electronics, the multifunctionality of our 8-IN-1 Screwdriver Set is unmatched. With a variety of flat blades and Phillips heads, seamlessly switch tasks without ever reaching for another tool. The magnetic blade tips ensure precision, making this set a must-have in every DIYer's toolkit. Efficiency Meets Durability Crafted for those who demand both efficiency and longevity, our screwdriver set boasts a nickel chrome plating finish, offering exceptional corrosion resistance. This isn't just a tool; it's a durable companion for all your repair needs. Work with confidence knowing that your multiscrewdriver set is designed for repeated use across a multitude of tasks. Convenient Storage, Ready for Action Say goodbye to cluttered toolboxes and hello to our well-organized multi-screwdriver set. Its sleek, transparent PVC handle not only provides a comfortable grip but also neatly houses all the attachments including an extension rod and poker bar. Easy accessibility and tidy storage mean you're always prepared. Whether it's a home quick fix or a detailed precision job, this Phillips screwdriver set has got you covered. -Diverse 8-in-1 set: 3 flat, 2 Phillips, extension rod -Nickel chromium plating: sleek & durable -Corrosion-resistant materials -Magnetic blade tips for precision -Compact storage: suitable for electronics & small appliances

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