Box 3 ply 9X6X4.5" Open (Pack of 10)

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Style (Pattern): Pack of 10
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Build Sturdy, Ship Smart

Every successful small business knows the value of reliable packing material. With Buildskill's packing boxes, you get sturdy 3 ply cardboard boxes for packaging, ensuring your items arrive intact. Each package box supports your business's needs, from shipping delicacies to wrapping up customer purchases, making it a small business essential.
Secure Your Gifts with Our Eco-Friendly Touch
When the occasion calls for a heartfelt gesture, our cardboard box for packing gifts is your eco-conscious companion. Made from recycled paper, these boxes are not just about sturdy packaging; they’re a testament to environmentally responsible practices. Delight your loved ones and make a positive impact with every package box used.
Efficient Packing Made Simple
This pack of 10 corrugated boxes takes the hassle out of home shifting and e-commerce packaging. Whether it's an empty box packing solution or a courier box to navigate through transit, Buildskill's versatile carton sizes fit your precise needs. Embrace the ease of packing cartons for shifting or any multipurpose use.
-Sturdy 3 ply construction
-Eco-friendly recycled paper
-Versatile multi-use design
-Ideal 4x4x4" dimensions
-Convenient 10-pack set

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tough and durable

Fantastic boxes, very tough and durable. Easy to tape and label.

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