Combination Plier 6" (3 pc) BCP0306

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Master Every Task with Ease From stripping insulation to cutting and bending wires, the Buildskill Lineman Plier 6" is the versatile companion you need in your arsenal of cutting tools. With induction-hardened jaws, every grip is steady and strong. The Grey phosphate finish not only adds sophistication but wards off rust, ensuring long-lasting performance. Feel the difference with the double color sleeve, providing comfort even during the most demanding jobs. A must-have in your pilas tool kit, this plier is the definition of reliability. Precision and Safety in Every Hold When it comes to handling live wires or executing intricate tasks, you want a tool that ensures both precision and protection. Buildskill's Lineman Plier 6" offers exactly that, with its specially designed jaws for a secure grip. This is the pliers tool that stands up to the task, whether you're pulling wires or crushing materials. The anti-rust protection adds an extra layer of safety, making it an ideal choice for electricians and DIY enthusiasts looking for durable pakkad tools. Effortlessness Meets Professionalism Efficiency meets comfort with the Buildskill Lineman Plier 6", designed to make every job seem effortless. Whether you're a professional or tackling home projects, this is among the essential tools for home that shouldn't be missed. Its sleek double color sleeve not only adds a touch of style but ensures a non-slip grip for utmost control. This plass tool integrates seamlessly into any toolbox, ready to take on tasks that demand precision. With this plier, every twist, turn, and snip leads to impeccable results. -Gripping, Cutting & Holding Pliers -Induction Hardened Jaws -Anti-Rust Grey Phosphate Finish -Live Wire & Household Use -Comfort Dual-Color Sleeve

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