Buildskill Shelf Bracket 16" BSB16DG

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Size: 16 inches
Style (Color): DA Grey
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Maximize Your Space with Ingenious Design Ingenious folding mechanism transforms any area into a multi-functional space, making this wall mounted foldable table not only an exceptional wall mount dining table but also a versatile piece for diverse applications. The exquisite workmanship ensures a smooth edge finish, providing a touch-safe, sleek surface for all your projects. From a thriving workstation to a convenient cutting table for tailoring, this bracket supports it all with grace and stability. Exceptional Durability Meets Minimalist Aesthetics Quality is never compromised with Buildskill's heavy-duty folding table bracket designed for enduring reliability. The bracket's 1.2 mm thickness and corrosion-resistant material give rise to a wall mounted study table foldable into a compact form. Embrace the ease of assembly and the strength to hold substantial loads, making it ideal for places like workshops where a sturdy wall foldable table is indispensable. Unlock Versatility in Every Corner Discover the transformative power of space-saving solutions with this foldable wall mount table. Whether it's a cozy kitchen shelf, a wall mounted dining table for intimate gatherings, or a fold-out hub for your laptop wall mount setup, this bracket's locking mechanism ensures stability for any endeavor. The easy installation and suitability for various settings, from a children's room to a compact wall attached table foldable in a backyard, exemplify the essence of versatility. -Heavy-Duty & Corrosion-Resistant -Space-Saving & Easy Install -High Load Capacity with Lock -Versatile Use & Smooth Edges -Suitable for Various Spaces

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Versatile product

Versatile and robust, these shelf brackets provide the support needed for shelves in various rooms, from the garage to the kitchen.

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Good finish

With their sleek finish and strong construction, these shelf brackets add both style and stability to any shelving system

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