Buildskill Pro Reversible Hammer Professional DIY Home PRO BGSB13RE Pistol Grip Drill

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When you're done with a tool, you don't just let go of it. You keep it safe and in good care to use again when needed. That's where Buildskill comes in; we help you maintain your tools so they stay in good shape and ready for use next time around. Our powerful motor means they'll cut through whatever you throw at them, while our dual mode switch gives you the power control you need. Our reversible drill chuck means you can screw and unscrew nails easily, and our variable speed switch lets you adjust the speed to suit your needs. You'll get Drill Machine 500 W, Chuck Key, Scalar Rod, 2 Carbon Brush and Auxilliary Handle with this product. With all these great features, there's no reason why Buildskill can't be the one piece of gear that saves you from boredom or provides for family fun!


Bullet Points

<<POWERFUL MOTOR>> This powerful motor makes drilling holes in all kinds of materials easy and fun, while also reducing fatigue. And because it's ergonomically designed, it's comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Order one today and change your work habits forever!

<<13 mm metal chuck>> When your work requires precision, Buildskill Drill Machine BGSB13RE is what you need. This 13 mm metal chuck drill machine is equipped with an advanced motor that gives you accuracy and precision in drilling.

<<Dual Mode Switch>> Buildskill Drill Machine BGSB13RE provides dual mode switch for variable speed control and work efficiency. It comes with two speeds - low and high - which can be used for different purposes such as drilling holes or driving screws efficiently.

<<Home Improvement>> There are so many ways to customize your home. But this drill machine helps you make holes in walls and hang clock, photos, or anything else you want! You can also use this drill machine to drill holes in metal for screws or tacks.

<<DIY Assembly>> Looking for an easy way to assemble new furniture? With the help of Buildskill Drill Machine BGSB13RE, you can effortlessly assemble a range of furniture products. This high-powered machine makes it easy to drill holes on wood, metal, plastic and other materials quickly and accurately.

<<Spare Parts Availability>> Sometimes, things can go wrong with a product. Whether you're looking to repair it or just need spare parts, Buildskill is here for you. With a team of experts who are dedicated to satisfying your every need, you can rest assured that the products you buy will be reliable and durable.

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