Buildskill Pro Cordless BPS3300 HLVP Paint Sprayer/Spray Painting Machine with LED Light, 750W, 32000RPM, 1200ML Paint Reservoir for DIY Painting Job with 3 Spray Patterns & 3 Nozzles. (Red)

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Do you have a creative side to spare? If not, now is the time to unleash it. With Buildskill Pro cordless Paint Sprayer BPS3300, you can finally come out of your shell and make that masterpiece that’s been calling for attention.

This paint sprayer has all the bells and whistles that will help you achieve your desired look in no time at all. From adjustable suction tube to shoulder strap, this machine has it all, and more! With 1200ml paint container and 20V battery pack, there's enough power in there to get the job done right. Plus, with nozzles for various uses like walls or fences, this is one machine that will be sure to take care of anything that you throw at it. Get ready to paint!!!


<<NO Cord NO Mess NO Limit>> The electric Paint Spray Gun adopts a cordless design, allowing you to get rid of the interference of wires and work freely. The 2000mA high-capacity battery and 1200ml container can process a lot more paint, and provide a whole better finish.Buildskill Pro cordless Paint Spray Gun feathers an adjustable angle LED light which provides enough illumination when working in dark spaces and overcomes spraying blind spots.

<<Max Flow Rate up to 600ml/min>> You can regulate paint output by adjusting the flow control knob on the Paint Sprayer Gun to decrease or increase. And the smile spray length adjustment can adjust the spray range from narrow to wide, reduce waste and save material, achieve precise spraying.

<<3 Sprays Patterns>> Buildskill Pro Paint Spray Gun has 3 spray patterns: round, horizontal, and vertical. It means you can switch from spraying a wide fan across a surface to a fan of the same width moving up and down without having to turn the paint sprayer.

<<Prepare the Finish>> Read the instruction manual to learn how to use the product, cleaning instructions, storage and Troubleshooting Steps. Use the viscosity cup to identify, and then select the corresponding nozzle to get flawless results.

<<Extremely efficient & Flawless finish>> Buildskill electric Paint Spray Gun can speed up nearly all painting jobs by almost 5x, get a much better finish compared with a brush, and provide an even coverage compared with the roller. Get flawless results on detailed applications that require accuracy, such as the walls/ ceiling/brick/closets etc.

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