BUILDSKILL BGBH20RE Rotary Hammer Drill (20 mm Chuck Size, 800 W)

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When you need to drill holes in hard surfaces like steel, concrete, and masonry walls, this is the right tool for you. Our rotary hammer drill can tackle tough jobs easily due to its powerful motor and advanced features. With variable speed control and continuous drilling option, it is an ideal choice for professionals as well as amateurs. This keyless chuck unit has forward - reverse function which allows you to work in different ways without any hassle. Heat dissipative design keeps your arms and hands comfortable while drilling holes of different sizes with equal ease. You get Drill machine 20mm, Drill bit, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, Storage box and Auxilliary handle.

Bullet Points

<<Keyless drill chuck>> Introducing the Rotary Hammer Drill by Buildskill! This keyless chuck drill is perfect for drilling holes in various materials like wood, metal, cement, and more with ease of adding and removing drill bits.

<<Variable speed function>> With its variable speed function, you can control the speed of the rotary hammer drill to suit your needs. This results in accurate and sustained drilling without damaging the material or over-stressing the tool.

<<Continuous drill button>> This innovative piece of equipment combines the power of a hammer drill with the spinning action of a rotary hammer to deliver superior durability and efficiency. With its continuous rotation, this machine makes drilling in difficult materials like concrete, steel, and masonry easy and straightforward.

<<Forward - Reverse function>> With a built-in reverse function, you can drill holes in hard things with ease.

<<Efficient Heat Dispension>> This machine has been specifically designed to deliver high-quality results in pinning, boring, and driving heavy materials. With its efficient heat dispersion system, it ensures maximum accuracy and control.

<<Spare Parts Availability>> Sometimes, things can go wrong with a product. Whether you're looking to repair it or just need spare parts, Buildskill is here for you. With a team of experts who are dedicated to satisfying your every need, you can rest assured that the products you buy will be reliable and durable.

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